Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Japanese Tries Tongue Twisters! Ep 1 - This is too long!

What is UP everyone!? And my new video is UP! Actually, this is a new scries of video which is "A Japanese Tries Tongue Twister!"

The other day, I though "English is not my first language, how can I be like a native English speaker?" then I came up with something. "Oh what if I could say all of tongue twisters which exist on this earth? I could probably be a native English speaker!"
I know that I can't never be them. But I can be LIKE them at least!
So, what do you think of today's tongue twister? Could I say it? or Not?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 or Not?

Hello wonderful people and I'm deeply sorry that I haven't vlogged lately even though I made the lottery video. I apologize to everyone of you. SORRY!
Here is the video of the result. know what? I've heard that there are 2 big lotteries in Japan. One is I tried last year. And another big lottery is going to be held in Summer. 
It is called "Summer Jumbo Lottery"!
So last time what I tried was "Winter Jumbo Lottery"?
No, no. It is called "Dream Jumbo Lottery"!
I still believe that I can win these lotteries if I buy some chances. Fortunately, I am such a optimist!
Anyways, I hope you have excellent 2011! Okay, bye!