Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Most Expensive Giving Away On YouTube or Not?'s so cold here, in Tokyo! Hi, how have you been lately? Me? Oh yeah, I've been doing well.
 I want to let you know one thing. I bought a dream!! Yes literally, I bought "A DREAM"! You want to know what I mean? What I bought a dream is that I actually bought 10 lottery tickets to "buy a dream", hahaha.
Since I decided to buy the lottery tickets, I wanted to make a new video. And I thought, "Oh what if I won the lottery and got the first prize, then I shared it to the world? That would be awesome!" Then I made the video.
I believe that I can win the lottery. Because people say, "If you don't get lottery tickets, then you'll never win." So I am confident that I can win it!
Oh, you have no idea what I'm talking about? I guess you still haven't watched the video. Check this video out!
You're going to witness a historical moment! Spread this video to the world!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 11- The Best University In Japan!

Hello awesome people, it's time to watch a new episode of HFB!
Since I set up the moderator on my channel, I've gotten messages. Which is so awesome and makes me so energetic, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Sorry I was too much excited.....Thanks for asking me on my channel, I do appreciate it.
Today's HFB, I went to Tokyo University. This university is one of the best university in Japan. It was really huge and beautiful. I love so much and had a great time.
What I was really surprised is the university has so many restaurants, shops, Conbinis( oh if you don't know this vocabulary, you should check previous "ARI? OR ALI?" on YouTube!) and even beauty salons! If I was a student, I would study really hard because they have fantastic equipments for studying.
So I was kind of jealous of them.
To be honest, when I was a university student, I didn't study hard. And I so regret that I didn't. But at least, it's a good thing that I realized it. I will never make a same mistake!
Anyways, Im thinking where I should go for the next HFB. Any suggestions? Oh.....I got some from my channel! I gotta pick out!! I'll see you guys next time, okay bye!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi fantastic people! It's time to watch "ARI? OR ALI?"!
Today's topic is "Too many things".
Here, in Tokyo, we have everything. Yeah, literally, EVERYTHING!
But I think we have too many things. Especially, CONVENI(if you haven't watched my new video, you'll never know what this means!)!
The reason why I decided to make this video was the other day, I was driving my car and saw a conveni. About 30 seconds later, I just saw another conveni. After I saw them, I saw ANOTHER conveni. Then 1 minute later.....I saw......yeah you know what I saw. Then I thought "How many convenies do we have in Tokyo?" "Is it possible to count them?". And I made this video.

As you can see, I couldn't count every convenis in Tokyo because we have oner 5000 convenies in Tokyo. That's insane, isn't it? 5000 convenies are in this such a small city! I think we should reduce them and build some parks like we used to have.
It's been really easy to live in Tokyo lately. If you want to grab some food at midnight, yes you can. If you want to drink some coffee at mid night, yes you can.
Even if you want to buy some electronic things at midnight, yes you can.
But I don't want people to forget our old days. We were not lazy, but now, we've been so lazy because we have everything. I will make this video as well. The title would be "WE LOVE 24 HOURS!".
.....Yeah, maybe. Anyways thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it and you have a wonderful day after you check this blog! Ohay bye!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Friend Does DJ So Don't I!

Hi everyone! How's going? Me? Oh yeah, I am exhausted! If I can sleep now, yeah I will! But I have to blog......I mean I would love to blog! Because blogging and vlogging are one of my favorite things.
Anyway, the reason why I am so exhausted is I just finished editing my friend's music video. Oh yeah, it was my first time to edit a music video. It was really fun but difficult as well. The great thing is that I really enjoyed editing the music video!
Check the video that I really enjoyed working with my friend "Jun Shimbo"!
Oh by the way, he is going to have his own party on December 11th which is "JAKE"! If you live in Tokyo or even  in Japan, Join his party! I guarantee it's gonna be the best night and party that you've ever had! I will put the party's information below. So you can easily join JAKE!

        **JAKE Party info**


12 / 11 (Sat) at 23:00 ~Sunday at 5:00am


Tel 03-5467-5817

Closest station is Shibuya, east exit, from here on the right

hand side are pedestrian bridges, cross these to the diagonally
oppositeside outside Shibuya police station. Continue straight
on along Roppongi dori towards Nishi-azabu. Turn right at
Shibuya nichomecrossing just before Aoyama tunnel and Soft
is in the basement onthe right hand side of the road just
after ampm.

From Omotesando station, take the B1 exit and walk along
Aoyama dori towards Shibuya. After passing Aoyama gakuin,
take the first left until you cross Roppongi dori and Soft is
in the basement on the right hand side of the road just
after ampm.  


      Kinkies (JAKE)


     Gotti (Kazunoko)

     and more


   Dominika (Kidz Rec)

Event Pictures :

Plot_Web (Saku and Kohji)

Event Filmed :

Designed :

peacepill-designix_experience by Keita Komiyama


Thanks x

That's the information about JAKE. On Dec 11th, I'm going to film that party and edit AND upload on YouTube.
That means I don't know when I can sleep......But it's okay, I love what I do. Alright, I will see you guys at JAKE or the internet, Okay Bye!