Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 10- HFB in Asakusa, AGAIN!

Hello amazing people, I finally.....yeah literally FINALLY, I uploaded a new episode of HFB! It was about 2 weeks ago, I installed iMovie'11. After I did it, I uploaded an episode 10 of HFB (which was deleted asap). But somehow, it had some audio troubles. I was trying to figure it out by myself..........yeah, that's why I couldn't upload a new HFB. I finally decided to go to Apple store to get fixed my iMovie'11.
Guess what?
They fixed my iMovie'11!! Thanks, Thanks a lot, million, trillion, zillion!!
I am thankful for awesome apple store!
And here is a new episode of HFB. You definitely check it out, You deserve it!!

As I said in this HFB, If you're interested in Japan and if you've never been to Japan, why don't you visit my youtube channel and ask me anything??
Don't worry, it's totally FREE to ask me. Don't hesitate, call now! hahaha.....
Anyways, here is my youtube channel. Please visit my channel and ask me anything!
I've actually gotten 2 requests already. One is going to university campuses in Tokyo. And two is.....actually......Oh, I have to go to a lot of places!!!!
Plus, I made Facebook fan page which is HFB! You can post anything (Do not post porn things!)! Feel free to be a fan of HFB! Here is the LINK.
So next HFB, I am going to an university in Tokyo. Which one? Ummmm.....Should I tell you? Am I supposed to tell you?? Okay, I am going to.......No, I'm not going to tell you until I vlog! Okay, bye!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trombone FAILED!

Hi everyone and I am sorry that I still haven't uploaded a new episode of HFB (episode 10). In 2 days, I will go to Asakusa and vlog again. Then I will upload it asap!
Oh, I uploaded a new video today! At least, that's a good thing, isn't it?

I coincidentally found this video last week. Then I watched it and I was laughing a lot.
Because I was SOOOOO nervous to play a trombone before people.
I still remember that day. Somehow, I chose "Micky Mouse March" and practiced it as much as I can. But When I stood before people......Yeah, I admit it, I totally failed!!!
Plus, I was tooooooo much SHY (As you can see)......

Now, I think I'm not shy anymore but I still get nervous when I stand before people.
But the weird thing is that when I stand before a lot of people at a huge place, I won't be nervous. When I stand before few people ata a small place, I will be really nervous......I don't know why......

Anyways, I'm going to be really extremely busy until the end of December. But I promise that I will upload videos as much as I can. Trust me, Japanese do NOT lie!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello wonderful people, how's going? Me?? Umm.....Let's see......I've been having a small trouble since yesterday.
The trouble is about YouTube, I mean HFB.
Yesterday, the new episode of HFB, episode 10 "HFB in Asakusa" was going to be uploaded. But I couldn't do it.
As you know that the episode 9 has an audio traboule. It starts from 3:07, my voice and motion do not much at all even though I didn't edit like that.
The reason why I couldn't upload the episode 10 was I had totally same audio problem. Honestly, it's actually much worth than the episode 9.  My voice and motion don't much, for about 2 minutes, the entire sound was gone.....
I spent my time to figure it out why it happened and I now know what to do.
The best way to upload the episode 10 is go to Asakusa AGAIN, vlog exactly what I did AGAIN and edit it AGAIN! Again and again and again!
I suppose this is the best and fastest way to upload. I will go to Asakusa ASAP. Then I will vlog, edit and make you laugh!
Plus, I've been thinking of new "ARI? OR ALI?" on YouTube. I think it's going to be fun.
Anyways, thanks for your understanding and kindness. I'll see you asap, okay bye!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 9- What the Fxxk is Pokemon!?

Hello everyone! How have you been? I am deeply and seriously sorry that I haven't, no I mean I COULDN'T have vlogged! As you guys might know that Tokyo had been really bad weather since last month. I guess that's because GLOBAL WARMING!!.....I hope it's not!!
Anyways, another "I am deeply ans seriously sorry"! because even I uploaded a new HFB vlog 2 days ago, I totally forgot to blog on this blog!.....Okay let me be clear.....I just forgot it and whilce I was uploadinbeg it on YouTube, I slept until the next day!!!!!

Anyways, I did upload a new HFB!.....But the new HFB is slightly weird!
.....Oh you wanna know what's so weird? Okay, check the new HFB vlog!

So what do you think? Was my voice werid from 3:07??
Oh yeah,My VOICE and MOTION don't much at all!!
Let me make an excuse. "I did NOT edit like that!!!!!"
That's it, that's ALL I would like to say and mention to you.

Anyways, the next episode is going to be much much MCUHO funnier!
Don't miss it out! And I will have to apologize about my voice and motion......Ummm, I'll see you guys next time, okay bye!