Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 9- What the Fxxk is Pokemon!?

Hello everyone! How have you been? I am deeply and seriously sorry that I haven't, no I mean I COULDN'T have vlogged! As you guys might know that Tokyo had been really bad weather since last month. I guess that's because GLOBAL WARMING!!.....I hope it's not!!
Anyways, another "I am deeply ans seriously sorry"! because even I uploaded a new HFB vlog 2 days ago, I totally forgot to blog on this blog!.....Okay let me be clear.....I just forgot it and whilce I was uploadinbeg it on YouTube, I slept until the next day!!!!!

Anyways, I did upload a new HFB!.....But the new HFB is slightly weird!
.....Oh you wanna know what's so weird? Okay, check the new HFB vlog!

So what do you think? Was my voice werid from 3:07??
Oh yeah,My VOICE and MOTION don't much at all!!
Let me make an excuse. "I did NOT edit like that!!!!!"
That's it, that's ALL I would like to say and mention to you.

Anyways, the next episode is going to be much much MCUHO funnier!
Don't miss it out! And I will have to apologize about my voice and motion......Ummm, I'll see you guys next time, okay bye!

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