Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello wonderful people, how's going? Me?? Umm.....Let's see......I've been having a small trouble since yesterday.
The trouble is about YouTube, I mean HFB.
Yesterday, the new episode of HFB, episode 10 "HFB in Asakusa" was going to be uploaded. But I couldn't do it.
As you know that the episode 9 has an audio traboule. It starts from 3:07, my voice and motion do not much at all even though I didn't edit like that.
The reason why I couldn't upload the episode 10 was I had totally same audio problem. Honestly, it's actually much worth than the episode 9.  My voice and motion don't much, for about 2 minutes, the entire sound was gone.....
I spent my time to figure it out why it happened and I now know what to do.
The best way to upload the episode 10 is go to Asakusa AGAIN, vlog exactly what I did AGAIN and edit it AGAIN! Again and again and again!
I suppose this is the best and fastest way to upload. I will go to Asakusa ASAP. Then I will vlog, edit and make you laugh!
Plus, I've been thinking of new "ARI? OR ALI?" on YouTube. I think it's going to be fun.
Anyways, thanks for your understanding and kindness. I'll see you asap, okay bye!

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