Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 10- HFB in Asakusa, AGAIN!

Hello amazing people, I finally.....yeah literally FINALLY, I uploaded a new episode of HFB! It was about 2 weeks ago, I installed iMovie'11. After I did it, I uploaded an episode 10 of HFB (which was deleted asap). But somehow, it had some audio troubles. I was trying to figure it out by myself..........yeah, that's why I couldn't upload a new HFB. I finally decided to go to Apple store to get fixed my iMovie'11.
Guess what?
They fixed my iMovie'11!! Thanks, Thanks a lot, million, trillion, zillion!!
I am thankful for awesome apple store!
And here is a new episode of HFB. You definitely check it out, You deserve it!!

As I said in this HFB, If you're interested in Japan and if you've never been to Japan, why don't you visit my youtube channel and ask me anything??
Don't worry, it's totally FREE to ask me. Don't hesitate, call now! hahaha.....
Anyways, here is my youtube channel. Please visit my channel and ask me anything!
I've actually gotten 2 requests already. One is going to university campuses in Tokyo. And two is.....actually......Oh, I have to go to a lot of places!!!!
Plus, I made Facebook fan page which is HFB! You can post anything (Do not post porn things!)! Feel free to be a fan of HFB! Here is the LINK.
So next HFB, I am going to an university in Tokyo. Which one? Ummmm.....Should I tell you? Am I supposed to tell you?? Okay, I am going to.......No, I'm not going to tell you until I vlog! Okay, bye!

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