Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Charity Video From Tokyo!

Hi everyone! As I blogged last time, parnters4japan asked me to make a vlog for charity. So I filmed on March 22, edited it and it's on the channel. Here you go!

Again, thanks very much who cooperated this awesome video. I really really appreciate it. I guess WE totally cheer people up with this video!
It's been about 3 weeks since the earthquake hit Japan. As you know, we've been still struggling. Even though here, in Tokyo, I mean the whole Japan has been still struggling, It's so sad.
On the other hand, we've been trying to be positive.
Some people say, "Hey, don't be so sad, keep your chin up!!" "We can't restrain ourself. Because that's just escaping from the sadness!"
"pray for japan" has been such a popular website lately. Everybody can post messages to that website and share them. So you should go check that out and post some positive messages!

Don't worry, we can overcome this sadness. But we have to keep our chin up, that's for sure.

Oh by the way, I uploaded a new vlog as well! This is my first time NOT to do anything in front of the camera. You know, sometime people don't want to do anything.....

Yeah, don't say that I'm such a lazy Japanese! I'm super busy, okaybye!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Japanese Tries Tongue Twisters! Ep 6 - NamaMugi NamaGome NamaTamago!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time to do Tongue Twister Vlog.
Recently, I've thinking and talking in English and Japanese. It makes me so confused.
I guess my English and Japanese have been getting worse and worse.
Because of that issue, I decided to do a tongue twister in Japanese! Here you go!!

As you know, I'm Japanese. It was super easy to do that tongue twister.
How about you? Can you say it?? Send your tongue twister video at ariorali@gmail.com! Okaybye!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy white day!

Hi everyone! How was your white day last week?
Oh, you've never heard of that day? All right, click here! So you can know what the hell I'm blogging about!
Last week, I was supposed to upload my new Japanese vlog. But due to the earthquake, I didn't want to do that. I'd been thinking, thinking and thinking of uploading it since that day.
Then suddenly, I decided to upload it.
The reason why I started vlogging was I just wanted to make people laugh.
This is what I love to do. This is what I'm supposed to be.

After I uploaded this vlog, I decided to make people laugh as much as I can.
That;s what I love to do. That's what I'm supposed to be, okaybey!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

YouTube Charity Filming on March 22, 2011 at Shibuya!

Hello everyone, how are you? Oh, me?? As I'm blogging now, I'm totally fine!
Today's blog, I just want to let you know that I am going to make a cheering video for charity.
The reason why I am going to do it is that partners4japan asked me to make a video and upload it on that channel. partners4japan is a really cool channel. All revenue from that channel will be donated to charity. As you've heard, Japan hit a really huge earthquake last week and we've been in a difficult situation.
Actually, I've already made a charity video last week but I've wanted to make more charity videos since I made it. When partners4japan asked me, I thought "This is such a great opportunity, I gotta do it!". and I took this amazing opportunity.
Here is the link of partners4japan and you should go check it out, watch the videos and subscribe!

As I can upload a charity video on partners4japan, I would love to make a cheering video. And I am going to film that video next Tuesday, on March 22 at Shibuya around Hachikou. So if you live in Tokyo, join this awesome project!
If you want to join it, please watch this video and read the description box. So you can know what time you're suposed to be and how to join it.

Let's film it together and sent a video response! We MUST do something, okaybey!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After The Earthquake

Hi everyone, good morning. I always upload my blog when I upload a new vlog. But lately, it's been so tough to do that.
Today, I decided to BLOG instead of VLOG. Because I sometimes need to write, not to speak.
First of all, check out my latest videos.(If you haven't watched them.)
This is the next day of the earthquake in Tokyo.

This is the day 2.

And this is the day 3.

So the first video, it's about me, us and Tokyo. I was really surprised that Tokyo was like a Ghost Town. It was Saturday but not as usual Saturday. Why is it Ghost Town? Because public transportation were paralyzed. Literally, paralyzed.
On that day, I was supposed to work. When I got a train station, it was really crowded. It's almost 2 or 3 times more crowded than usual. And I was waiting for a train. 30 minutes later, I finally managed to catch a train.
That kind of thing has happened everyday.

The next day, it was Sunday, I was at Shibuya (which is one the biggest downtown in Tokyo). And I felt so weird and angry. Because it seemed an usual Sunday. Everybody wanted to shop and walk around (without no purpose). I really wanted to say "What the hell are you doing? Why the hell are you? Why did you come here? Do you still want to shop even though the earthquake hit here 2 days ago?"
I was so frustrated how those people are selfish. I was totally disappointed.
It was about 6pm, few shops were closed. They closed earlier. That 100% made sense. But honestly, they should've closed MORE earlier, or shouldn't have worked.

About 8pm, people were everywhere. One thing, I really couldn't understand was that shops (I guess they were restaurants and electric advertisements.) were still using huge amount of electricity. Who wants to see advertisements such this situation? Why couldn't they think about people who were struggling this situation?
Again, I was so disappointed how much we're selfish.
As soon as I got home, I was setting my camera up and talking about how I felt and urged people try to save electricity, use Skype or Viber instead of public telephone lines and not go out without no purpose.
I know that I'm not a public figure and I don't have enough power to urge people to do those things. But I wanted to let people to know about it as a Japanese.

The next day, I was told my boss not to work today. I totally agree. I was thinking, "What do I have to do now? What can I do as a Japanese??"
Suddenly, I got an idea.
"Maybe I could donate."
Fortunately, I just became a YouTube partner last week which means I can earn revenue from my videos. This is the reason why I've vlogged as much as I can.
But the problem is that my YouTube community is too small as a YouTuber (I always appreciate my subscribers and viewers!). I've already asked world famous YouTube partners to promote my videos. I deeply hope that some of them check my message and will reply to me.

I know that I can't do anything without your support. If you read this blog, just tell your friends and family that there is a guy who is trying to help people.

Ever since the earthquake hit Japan, I've never left my cameras. If something is going on here, I will film and upload on YouTube. That's what I've decided, no matter what.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Biggest Earthquake in Japan

Hi everyone! Are you fine? I am fine. Today, the biggest earthquake struck Japan. Actually, the biggest earthquake struck Tohoku and Kantou.(Everybody says "Japan" I guess everybody thinks Japan is so small.....) Tohoku is NorthEast part of Japan. and Kantou means "Around Tokyo."
It was about 3pm. While I was editing my Japense vlog, I felt a small earthquake.
Then I thought, "Okay, this is just a small earthquake as always." But I was wrong.
The earthquake was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I was so afraid but as soon as I hold my camera and tried to record.....

I am so sorry, I know that the video was hard to watch. Honestly, I kind of forgot to record it. I was just holding my camera.
As soon as I recorded it, I decided to upload on YouTube(because I'm a vlogger. That's what I am!). While I was uploading it, I felt a lot of aftershocks. It so scared me.....
Tsunami, Aftershocks and Fires, these have been such huge disasters here, in Japan. Believe or not, Even I'm blogging now, I'm still feeling some aftershocks which are sometimes small and big.
I hope everything is going to be fine as soon as possible.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Japanese Tries Tongue Twisters! Ep 5 - Hou much would be Chuck Norris!?

Hi everyone! This is the episode 5 of TT( Tongue Twister) vlog. I am 100% sure that this video has been the funniest one so far, check it out!

I had no idea why I said "Chuck Norris" so many times. I guess I was too much excited and a bit crazy.....
This tongue twister was requested by "haylz27" (it's his or her YouTube usename".
Thanks for requesting me, it was so fun to tongue twister it! I appreciate.
Next time, I would like to try a Japanese Tongue Twister! Yeah, I promise. Okaybye!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talking about between Facebook and Mixi

Hi everyone, how do you do today? What's on your mind? Did you check your Facebook today? I think you did. How about my new Japanese vlog? I think you didn't.
So here you go!

Facebook has been the biggest Social Network Service so far. I started Facebook 2 years ago when I was in San Diego. Before I started it, I'd never heard of it.
The reason why I'd never heard of it was in Japan, Facebook was not so popular at that time. Lately, a movie came out and it's "Social Network".
After the movie came out, Facebook got popular in Japan. My friends (who are Japanese, absolutely!) decided to start Facebook. And I surprised how much Japanese love new things.
But the weird thing is those people (sorry, even including my friends.....) don't Facebook so often. (I guess they just wanted to try it because of it's a new thing!)
The other day, I was so curious about it and asked some of my friends.
"Facebook or Mixi, which one is better?"
And they said
"Of course it's Mixi! Because I don't speak English and know what to do on Facebook!"
"Mixi" is a Japanese SNS and it's much more popular than Facebook (in Japan).
I stared "Mixi" earlier than Facebook. It was about 4 or 5 years ago.
At that time, Facebook was totally unknown in Japan. Everybody knows and does Mixi.
But lately, the thing has slightly changed.
In Japanese book stores, I've seen a lot of "Facebook books". It's like this,
"How to start Facebook!"
"What to do on Facebook!"
"2011 is the Facebook year!"
"Facebook is perfect for your business!"
So people have just started following Facebook (even though it's been so famous since a million years ago!). But I doubt it's going to be popular in Japan. Because I've hear a lot of questions.
"Why is it NOW? We've already had Mixi instead of Facebook. Why would we want to do that?"
"What's the difference between them?"
"Do we have to speak and understand English?"
I've just heard of them from my friends. That's the reason why I vlogged about it.
So tell me (If you've ever joined Facebook or Mixi")
"Is Facebook going to be popular in this year?"
"Facebook or Mixi, which one is better? which one do you like?"
"Do you Facebook or Mixi? or Both?"
I'm looking forward to hearing from you! That's all I wanted to blog today, okaybye!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I called "Belog" in Japanese as "Vlog"

Hi everyone good afternoon, how have you been lately? I've been slightly busy with  making Japanese and English vlogs.
Today, I would like you to know that I created a new name for "Vlog" in Japanese.
Here is the video that I named it!

As you may know that we, Japanese don't use "V" sounds so often. So it's difficult to say "Vlog" in Japanese. That's reason why I created a new name (actually, I just abbreviated it :P). From now on, I will call "Belog" in Japanese as "Vlog"!
Next time, you should say "Belog" instead of "Vlog", if you speak Japanese......
Anyways, I'll see you guys next time! Okaybye!!