Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hi awesome people who are reading this blog! I always and really appreciate that you read "ARI? OR ALI?". It's night in Tokyo and getting colder. When I went out, I thought "Oh man, am I in Hokkaido (Where is North of Japan)?"
Anyway, I totally forgot to lett you know one thing. Have you seen my video "SUCK? OR NOT?"? What do you think of it? If you have't watched it,........yeah, you know what I'm going to say next. Click here and I bet you laugh :P

While I was editing the video, I thought "Oh, wait a sec. I think I should make another video which is behind the scene of "SUCK? OR NOT?". Because I was little bit (yeah JUST LITTLE BIT) crazy and excited. If somebody watched it, I could probably make them laugh!

That's how I decided to make another video. And I would like to embed BELOW!

So.....Now you know how much I was LITTLE BIT crazy and excited!

Oh, another "I forgot to tell you one thing"! Is that I just applied for "Japanese Blog Media Award". This Award is supported by livedoor and the reason why I did it was to spread Japanese that Vlogging is MUCH MUCH better and easier than Blogging (Which I'm doing now!). I wish Japanese would know about how great vlogging is.
If you do vlog and understand Japanese, check the award 

That's all I wanted you to know, thanks for reading and.....okay bye!

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