Friday, October 22, 2010


Hi everyone! It's been a long time to blog, I'm so sorry!
I have decided what kind of videos I am going to make recently.
First of all, "ARI? OR ALI?" is about Japanese things, related to Japanese culture, people etc. The reason why I made this title "ARI? OR ALI?" is that my last name.
My last name is actually ARI (this is between US!). But as long as I'm in Japan.
I am called "ALI". Are you confused? Well, don't be!!
The reason why I am called ALI is Japanese don't have "R" sounds. We ONLY have "L" sounds. You see now? Yeah, its's kind of funny and weird.
When I was in the USA, people call me ARI with a VERY collect pronunciation.
But Japanese call me ARI with a VERY wrong pronunciation even though I am Japanese, I mean WE are Japanese!
So this is the reason why I named my channel as "ARI? OR ALI?"

As I wrote down, I've decided what kind of videos I am going to make.
I now make 3 different kinds of show.
First show is "ARI? OR ALI?" and I talk about Japanese culture etc and make fun of Japanese culture, people, things.
Second show is "HFB (Hello From The Bicycle). I vlog with my cool bicycle.
Third show is "Behind HFB". This show is about how to customize bicycles by YOURSELF. To be honest, I've never customized bicycles in my life. So I am a totally beginner! I hope we can learn how to do it.

I now upload those shows, videos at only "ARI? OR ALI?". Sooner or later, I will separate them. I will make "ARI? OR ALI?" and "Hello From The Bicycle" (This might be included Behind HFB because it's very related to HFB.)
When I separate their shows, I will talk about it much deeper and funnier :P

That's all I wanted to talk about today! okay, I'll see you guys.......oh wait a minute, I just uploaded a new video! It's about sucking noodles! I think you are little bit tired or bored to read this blog now, oh you're not? Then I am tired!! So I won't write about my new video.

I will probably write about it tomorrow or someday.......all right, see you guys then!

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  1. I really enjoy all the different kinds of videos you have, its really unique and not the type that everybody on youtube has. ^_^ I figured the pronunciation is why you put ari or ali. I think it is very neat and interesting to see your videos, because you are Japanese but you have travelled, so you have a different perspective about some things.