Thursday, October 14, 2010

Behind HFB -Mission 1- Get The New Bicycle!

Hello everyone! Guess what I just started?
Oh yeah, I just started a new series of HFB! It's "Behind HFB". (I first named "The behind scene of HFB. But I thought it's kind of long, so I named shorter. It was "The Behind of HFB". Then I thought "Okay, I can name shorter than "The Behind of HFB", How about "Behind HFB"? Oh yeah it's much shorter and easy to remember it! Therefore, I named "Behind HFB". I know it sounds incorrect. But it's easy to remember, isn't it?)
The reason why I decided to do this was I was going to get an USED bicycle. (on this vlog, I said "a NEW bicycle".....Please forgive me!) Then I though, "Oh, I would love t o fix and customize this awesome bicycle by MYSELF! Yeah, let's vlog what I am going to do!" That's why I started it.
So if you ride bicycles and wonder how to customize and fix bicycles, just watch this vlog. Plus, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! You're always welcome!!

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