Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 11- The Best University In Japan!

Hello awesome people, it's time to watch a new episode of HFB!
Since I set up the moderator on my channel, I've gotten messages. Which is so awesome and makes me so energetic, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Sorry I was too much excited.....Thanks for asking me on my channel, I do appreciate it.
Today's HFB, I went to Tokyo University. This university is one of the best university in Japan. It was really huge and beautiful. I love so much and had a great time.
What I was really surprised is the university has so many restaurants, shops, Conbinis( oh if you don't know this vocabulary, you should check previous "ARI? OR ALI?" on YouTube!) and even beauty salons! If I was a student, I would study really hard because they have fantastic equipments for studying.
So I was kind of jealous of them.
To be honest, when I was a university student, I didn't study hard. And I so regret that I didn't. But at least, it's a good thing that I realized it. I will never make a same mistake!
Anyways, Im thinking where I should go for the next HFB. Any suggestions? Oh.....I got some from my channel! I gotta pick out!! I'll see you guys next time, okay bye!

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