Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi everyone, I just decided that I save the world in a funny way!!

Hi everyone, I'm ARI!!!! Or you can call me ALI. whichever........
This is my first blod and I just started blogging. What I mostly do or write about my blog is to let you know that I make funny,crazy,stupid videos on YouTube.
My dream is changing the world much better,funnier,happier than now. I really love making people laugh.
I think this is my talent. In this blog, I upload my stupid,funny,crazy but sometimes serious videos.
My theme is "I am going to save the world in a funny way"!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy my blog!!!!!

This is my first video on YouTube.

I know I am totally stupid and crazy!!!!! But you laughed?? What do you guys think of this video. Please Comment!!!!!

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