Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hi everyone! Guess what!!??...................................all right, time is up!!! My best friends and I started vlogging on YouTube!!!! which means I'm not going to have to write this blog!!! No, no, no, just kidding, I'll writer this blog until I die.
Why I started vlogging on YouTube is last time, my friends and I went to a sushi restaurant and tried to film my chalenge. It was supposed to be "THE BEST SUSHI CHALENGE EVER!" but very unfortunately the chalenge was not funny and awesome at all. While I was editing it, a great idea came into my brain, "Hey, why don't you start vlogging? That'd be much funnier than your boring sushi chalenge!" then I thought "Oh, yeah that's right! Let's do it!" after that, I talked to my best friends about vlogging. Very fortunately, they said, "That's going to be fun!!!! Let's get started!!!!!!!"
That's how we started vlogging. In our vlog, we speak just Japanese because we are Japanese. But don't worry you guys who do not understand Japanese. I always translate Japanese into English and set up English subtitles below.
But my translating is not always accurate. Plus setting up subtitles is my first time. I realized it's very difficult to do it.
Oh, damn it! I'm making a lot of excuses. What I mean is I will improve anything in our vlog!!!!!!!!
........SUSHI???? ops, I'll upload it next time! Anyways, enjoy our VLOG!!!!!!!

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