Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi everyone, how's going? As you might know, Japan has been in the rainy season. And I really really hate it!!!!!!!!!
So I've been kind of stressed out recently..........Oh anyways, I just uploaded my new vlog on YouTube.
As you can see today's title, "YES WE WERE CRAZY". Why I decided to vlog was that I always though that we are so funny and crazy AFTER eating something, breakfast, lunch dinner whenever. That means BEFORE eating something, we are not funny and crazy!!!!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my vlog!!!!! Thanks for reading my BLOG, take care and I really want to get out of Japan until the rainy season is gone........

This is the part1

This is the part2

And this is the part3, thanks for watching and don't forget us!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!

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