Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello From The Bicycle -Episode 3- Crazy Vending Machines!

Hi, it's time to watch HFB! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
As I said in this vlog, Tokyo has tons of vending machines. I'm sure that you can buy drinks ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE 24/7!
But this is my humble opinion....."Too many vending machines!"
I'm always confused by them, like "Oh.....what should I get? ummm coffee, soda, tea, water........okay, ummmmm what should I get then?"
Here, in Tokyo, we have everything, literally "EVERYTING" such as 24/7 convenience stores, restaurants, Karaoke, even clothes stores.
I sometimes imagine, "What if those things disappeared suddenly? Could we survive?"
I guess this is the civilized countries.......
Oh, sorry. What am I talking about?
Anyways, Enjoy HFB!

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