Saturday, July 2, 2011

YouTube NextUp in Japan

Oh, hi again! What's up?
So because of I am such a hard vlogger, I decided to post one more vlog.
You'll see how much I dedicate to YouTube.

If you don't understand what I was talking about, that's okay. I'll explain it.

So I was vlogging about YouTube NextUp. Who can participate, how, until when etc.
And guess what?
It has started in Japan!!!!!
And you know what?
I decided to apply for this awesome program!

From 7/25 to 8/7, I need YOU to help me!

I will blog and vlog about this program as much as I can.
So, in that way, you will want to vote for me!

Yeah, really please!

Alright, I gotta blog in Japanese as well, okaybye!


  1. @Frederick Thanks very much! I appreciate your support!!