Monday, March 5, 2012

Putin Wins Russia President Elections!

Hello everyone! It's been a long time.

Today, I would like to announce one awesome thing.

Since I took a break, I realized how much I love my main channel.( Of course I love my second channel too.)

I mean, I love what I do on YouTube.

Introducing news and current events.

Some people say, "Hey thanks for the news. I didn't know that!", "Thanks very much, I enjoy your channel.", "I always watch you channel!"

I was inspired by them.

I didn't know that my videos are helpful some times.

I didn't know that my videos are loved and enjoyed.

I enjoy making videos and people enjoy them.

I have to do what I love.

That's I decided to do since I came back from San Diego.

I decided to make videos every Monday to Saturday.

I know that it's tough to me sometimes.

But I decided.

So this is my very first video that I decided to what I love to do.

Tomorrow, I'm so serious like today's blog.


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