Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello everyone, how are you? how have you been? hoa do you do? how's going? .......Guess what? I just killed a mosquito! Soooo many mosquitos have been here, in Tokyo lately. Because of Summer!!
Okay, back to today's blog, as you may know that I do have a Flickr account.
Oh, wait a minute. Have you heard of "Flickr"? It's a sort of "Social Networking Service"(SNS)such as Facebook, Twitter etc. It focuses on Pictures, so it's going to be PSNS!
The reason why I started Flickr is that I love taking pictures and I only love scenic photos especially, "Nature".
On my Flickr's photos, I only upload "Awesome, Beautiful, Cool"(ABC) photos.
You can always check my photos at the very bottom of my blog, like this

Or this icon, like this
I'll post ABC photos as much as I can, so don't forget to check my flickr out!
That's it for today, I'm going to climb Mt. Fuji tomorrow! I'll take care of myself and you take care too!

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