Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Act Like A YouTube Celebrity

Hi guys, how's going? Yesterday, I uploaded a new vlog. After that, I was supposed to blog about it but I felt asleep.....Completely! Totally!! So, now I'm blogging about yesterday's video. If you haven't checked it, you must! Here you go!!

This video was filmed after "The Best Cinnamon Challenge Ever!?". My girlfriend suddenly filmed me like an interview. And I was acting like a YouTube celebrity.
She was acting like a TV interviewer and doing really well. (Actually, better than me....) It was so much fun to film, thanks very much!
Oh by the way,  on 14th April is "Black Day". You remember? If you don't, go check "White Day" video.

 So, "Black Day" is coming soon. I'm going to upload on that day. I'll see you guys soon, okaybye!

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