Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Black Day!

Hi everyone! How's going? So last month, on March 14th, it's called "White Day".
And this month, on April 14th, it's called "Black Day". Have you heard of it?
Before you watch my Black Day video, you should google it if you've never heard of this day!

So, did you google it? did you?? Are you really sure you did???

Ummm,  okay I accept you! Here you go!!

I think the way I celebrated "Black Day" was totally South Korea, they eat jajangmyeon. But me.......yeah, I was 100% wrong. At least I ate Black things.
Next year, I will celebrate it much much much funnier and better. I promise.
I don't want to break any promises today, okaybye!

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