Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best Staring Contest Video Ever!?

Hi everyone! Do you remember YouTuBUkatsudou? It was about 2 weeks ago, I uploaded a vlog which is about them.
So one of YouTuBUkatsudou's creator, his name is Keita, he posted a video last month and challenged me. This is the video.

Basically, he challenged me a staring contest and his record is 24 seconds.
So he asked me whether I can beat him or not.
Ummmmm, you know what? This is a peace of cake, TOTALLY!
Check this video out! I totally beat him!!!!!

My record is ONE minute and 58 seconds! My record was 5 times LONGER than his record!! I think the reason why I could win this contest is I trained really hard in this video.....Don't you think? Everything is impossible without training!!

So if you want to challenge me something, I am totally down of it!
Of course, YouTuBUkatsudou, You may challenge me again.

Alright, I gotta go and I'll see you guys soon. Okaybye!

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