Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Yawning Video Ever!?

Hi everyone! How was your Golden Week? Oh, you've never heard of it??
If you haven't, it's a good time to know about Japanese culture. You can click here and Wikipedia it.
In 2011, this year, we had about 10 days off. (From April 29 to May 8)
That is a large consecutive holiday, isn't it?
After Golden Week, some people might get "Gogatsu-Byou".
"Gogatsu" is "May" and "Byou" is "Sickness".
You know what I'm saying? Some people are being lazy because of Golden Week.
That's the "Gogatsu-Byou".
So I thought "Oh, it's going to be fun to make a yawning video. Because some people are feeling lazy."
This is actually my second yawning video, here you go.

How was it? If you didn't yawn, here is my first yawning video and I bet I can make you yawn!

So......did you yawn? Anyways, I gotta go because I got "Gogatsu-Byou". I need to be a hard worker. I'll see you guys next week, okaybye!

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