Thursday, June 2, 2011

The 47 Japan 0/47 JAPAN IS GENKI

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?
Today, I want you to know  what I am going to do. Check this video first.

So.......I will! I will definitely do this project!! As a Japanese video blogger, I would like the world to know that Japan is totally safe and WE are 100% fine.
I know that this project is going to take me a long time. But I feel I should do this as a Japanese video blogger.
So no matter what, how, when, where, I will do this.
All you have to do is just keep watching my videos and let your friends, family, girl or boy friend, whoever Japan is fine.
Thanks for your supporting, I appreciate. Now that I gotta go and vlog the 47 Japan, I'll see you later, okaybye!

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