Monday, February 21, 2011

I tried to eat RAMEN as much as I can!

Hi everyone, Good evening! This is my second video blog in Japanese which you have to watch now!!

As I spoke in this video, my Japanese stereo types are "We're very thin", "We ALWAYS eat healthy food (because we're believed that we ALL love sushi)" and "We don't eat too much".
As a slightly weird Japanese guy, I would like to say one thing.
"We eat like you!"
That's the main reason why I made this video. I know that I couldn't make it.
But I guess you now understand what I want to let you know......
By the way, I am thankful for "Umemoto" (where I was allowed to film my eating)!
This awesome restaurant is in Ikebukuro. Unfortunately, they don't have their website so I can't introduce it to you more. But if you really want to go and eat (I bet you can't eat what I ate in this video!), leave a comment below.
Next video, I am going to talk about "Vlog" in Japanese. Yeah, literally "VLOG".
You don't know understand what I'm writing about? It's totally okay because I'll see you guys on the internet, Okay Bye!

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  1. !!!! MASAKA! Omaewa sugoi! Ore wa murii. ah Orewa Blitz913 no Youtube. Sashiburii desu.