Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I tried to vlog in Japanese

Hi, everyone Konbanwa!.....Oh that's Japanese, Good evening!
So this time, this video, I wanted to try something which I've never done.
Then I thought "Oh, what's my first language? Why I have't vlogged in Japanese? Am I really Japanese?? What am I??? Who the hell am I???? Hey, wait a sec, how about vlogging in Japanese? It would be fun! Oh yeah, let's do that!!"
Yes, that's what I thought in 5 seconds. Anyways, check my new Japanse vlog!

So how was it? Did you understand? I hope you did!
If you don't speak and understand Japanese at all, it's a good opportunity to study Japanese! But don't worry, I will keep making  English vlogs as well!
I gotta eat something, okay bye!

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