Friday, September 23, 2011

The AKB48 Rock Scissors Paper Tournament

Hi everyone! How's going?

Are you a big fan of "AKB48"?

If you're not, this vlog is not for you. But if you are, this is for you. Check this out!

Yep, I know I talk really fast. But I think most of vloggers do like me. (In English)

So it's kinda normal to me.

Anyways, I was vlogging about.....

1. Typhoon hits Japan
2. AKB48 does Rock Scissors Paper
3. AK98
4. KDDI iPhone5
5. The UARS might hit you one-in-3200

As always, today's my question......Oh actually 2 questions!

1. "What do you think KDDI sells iPhone5?"
2. "If you contract with KDDI (au), will you get iPhone5?"

Let me know!

I'll see you next Monday, okayciao!

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