Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tokyo Game Show 2011

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, que pasa?

Because of I'm a huge nerd, I decided to vlog about "Tokyo Game Show 2011" today!

Yeah, now you know how much I'm a nerd.

Anyways, I was vlogging about.....

1. Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Leaked
2. Webcam 101 For Seniors.....
3. Tokyo Game Show 2011
4. SMAP in China, Beijing 
5. Buy One Hamburger, Get One Free Hamburger

As always, today's my question was.....

"What's your favorite McDonald's hamburger?"

Me? My favorite??




That would be "Sushi burger".

Yep, okaybye!


  1. Do I have a favourite hamburger? I can't tell you because I am on diet.... How does a sushi burger looks like? What kind of fish is in a sushi burger?

  2. @Frederick Ohhhhh I'm so sorry..... Actually, the burger I mentioned doesn't exist. I made it.....