Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear Mr.Fuji Part2

Hi everyone! It's been a really really REALLY long time to blog and vlog.
So how are you? How have you been?? Did you miss my vlog???

I was busy last month. Making videos for a huge party, Climbing Mt.Fuji and Mt.Aka.
But at the same time, I enjoyed a lot.

Speaking of Mt.Fuji, it reminds me last year. I tried to see a sunrise from the top of Mt.Fuji. But I couldn't. 

Here is the video I tried Mt.Fuji. And this is my second challenge. Yes! I did it!! I saw a sunrise from Mt.Fuji!!! But I kind of regret that I couldn't get the top. As I said in the second video, I will try it next year.

So.......wanna go? 

Anyways, I'll see you soon. I mean, I'll see you on September 7th. 

And don't forget to check my pictures on Facebook. Here is the link.


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